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Fee-Only Direct Investments Capital Markets

We help alternative investment sponsors gain access to retail investor capital exclusively through the fee-only financial adviser channel.


Customized solutions for sponsors of all sizes

​At LINK Alts Capital, we believe the future of direct investment capital markets lies within fee-only advisers who adhere to a fiduciary standard. We work with investment sponsors who align their interests with the interests of fee-only advisers and, ultimately, their clients, the retail investor.

For Emerging Sponsors

For Established Sponsors

We offer first-time investment sponsors a cost-effective, turn key capital markets solution that is focused exclusively on fee-only advisers.

We augment established sponsors' existing capital markets efforts with a dedicated fee-only adviser channel.

Expertise across a variety of asset classes





Energy Offerings





Conservation Easements

Capital markets for forward-thinking sponsors

For investment sponsors, raising capital through fee-only advisory firms can be a daunting task; as anyone involved in capital markets will tell you – working with independent broker-dealers is NOT the same as working with RIAs.

LINK Alts Capital can help streamline the process of distributing through fee-only intermediaries by creating a distribution road map that includes key components, such as:


  • RIA Market Research

  • RIA Segmenting Strategies

  • RIA-Focused Capital Markets Budgeting

Product Design

  • Creating "RIA Friendly" Investment Products

  • Assistance With Solving RIA Data Needs


  • Sponsor Positioning and Messaging

  • Assistance With RIA Due Diligence Needs

Capital Markets

  • Turnkey RIA National Accounts and Wholesaling

  • Training Existing National Accounts and Wholesaling Personnel On RIA Needs



Understanding the RIA Channel

Distributing alternative investments through RIAs is completely different than commission-based channels, such as independent broker-dealers (IBDs). 

View our slide deck that discusses the differences between RIAs and IBDs, how to segment RIAs, and best practices when developing an RIA-focused capital markets channel.

Click below to start the presentation:

Creating the Perfect Fact Sheet

When evaluating a prospective investment sponsor, RIAs want two things: 1) quick access to essential facts, and 2) unbiased information void of any marketing prose. 

When done correctly, a fact sheet can be one of the most valuable components of an investment sponsor's materials kit.

Click below to download our white paper on how create the perfect fact sheet for RIAs.

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About Us


A Recognized Innovator

We are nationally-recognized as experts in Portfolio Diversifying Investments, such as real estate, private equity, and energy. We speak regularly at all major alternative investment industry conferences, including ADISA, IPA, and IMN. We serve on the editorial board of Real Assets Adviser Magazine. And, in 2018, we were the first capital markets group to speak at a Institutional Real Estate, Inc. conference.

Our People and Partners

Like you, we value experience. Each of our team members has been practicing their respective expertise for over 15 years. And yet, we know the body of knowledge required to provide a comprehensive financial solution is too great for any one company. Which is why LINK Alts Capital has partnered with outside specialists who able to complement your overall capital markets needs.

For an overview of our people and strategic partners,  please click on the following link:

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